Welcome to the Bach® Essence Chooser. Dr. Edward Bach would combine as many as 7 of his essences to create a personalised mix for a person’s unique situation. To find the right combination for you, look through all the flower categories below & select up to 7 that resonate with you.

Bach Flowers and related positive potentials according to the original methods and findings of Dr. Edward Bach, and as referenced in his book Twelve Healers and Other Remedies (Saffron Walden, Essex, England: C.W. Daniel Company, 1936)


“I’m struggling with...” or “Today I feel...”

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Agrimony, Bach Original Flower Remedies in Canada
Hold it in, mask worries


Communicate Openly. Positive Potential: Genuine cheerfulness & self-acceptance.

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Aspen, Bach Original Flower Remedies in Canada
Unknown fear, anxious


Feel Secure. Positive Potential: Find inner peace & a fearlessness to face the unknown.

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Beech, Bach Original Flower Remedies in Canada
Intolerant, critical


Be More Tolerant. Positive Potential: Tolerance & compassion for others.

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Canada Bach Cerato Crop 600x380
Seek advice, indecisive


Trust Intuition. Positive Potential: Quiet self-assurance & decisiveness

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Canada Bach ChestnutBud Crop 600x380
Repeat mistakes, fail to learn

Chestnut Bud

Learn From Mistakes. Positive Potential: Gain knowledge & wisdom & from the past.

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Canada Bach CrabApple Crop 600x380
Poor body image, “unclean”

Crab Apple

Accept Imperfections. Positive Potential: Embrace & accept yourself.

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Centaury, Bach Original Flower Remedies in Canada
Subservient, weak will


Be Assertive. Positive Potential: Follow your own path, uninfluenced by others.

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Canada Bach CherryPlum Crop 600x380
Lack of control, temper

Cherry Plum

Be In Control. Positive Potential: Composure in the midst of disorder.

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Canada Bach Chicory Crop 600x380
Possessive, territorial


Love Unconditionally. Positive Potential: Care for others without the expectation of reciprocity.

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Canada Bach Clematis Crop 600x380
Spacey, daydream


Have Focus. Positive Potential: Find concentration & interest in the day-to-day.

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Canada Bach Elm Crop 600x380
Overwhelmed, take on too much


Be Efficient. Positive Potential: Keep perspective & stay self assured when overwhelmed.

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Canada Bach Gentian Crop 600x380
Discouraged, doubt


Accept Setbacks. Positive Potential: Conviction that difficulties can be overcome.

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Canada Bach Heather Crop 600x380
Talkative, self-centered


Empathize & Listen. Positive Potential: Encourage a two way dialogue; hear & be heard.

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Canada Bach Gorse Crop 600x380
Hopeless, despair


Have Hope. Positive Potential: A sense of faith & hope.

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Canada Bach Holly Crop 600x380
Angry, jealous


Goodwill Towards Others. Positive Potential: Be generous hearted & give without expecting a return.

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Canada Bach Honeysuckle Crop 600x380
Dwell on past, nostalgia


Embrace The Now. Positive Potential: Live in the present, letting history be a lesson for the future.

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Canada Bach Mimulus Crop 600x380
Specific fear, shyness


Face Your Fears. Positive Potential: Quiet courage to face difficulties with perspective.

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Canada Bach RockWater Crop 600x380
Rigid, inflexible

Rock Water

Flexible Mind. Positive Potential: To have a flexible attitude when striving for goals.

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Canada Bach Impatiens Crop 600x380
Impatient, irritable


Have Patience. Positive Potential: Think & act mindfully, without haste or irritation.

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Canada Bach Larch Crop 600x380
Lack confidence, low self-esteem


Have Confidence. Positive Potential: To approach situations with confidence & determination.

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Canada Bach RedChestnut Crop 600x380
Fear for loved ones

Red Chestnut

Peace Of Mind. Positive Potential: To care for others without negatively impacting your relationships.

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Canada Bach Hornbeam Crop 600x380
Procrastinate, “Monday blahs”


Procrastinate Less. Positive Potential: Face the day ahead with positivity, & without hesitation.

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Canada Bach Walnut Crop 600x380
Change, outside influences


Adapt To Change. Positive Potential: Move forward & make changes in life with constancy.

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Canada Bach Mustard Crop 600x380
High & low states, gloom


Be Joyful. Positive Potential: To bring joy back to life.

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Canada Bach Vervain Crop 600x380
Righteous, enthusiasm


Relax & Calm. Positive Potential: Wisdom & tolerance.

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Canada Bach WaterViolet Crop 600x380
Loner, aloof

Water Violet

Connect With Others. Positive Potential: Nurture warmer relationships in a calm & relatable manner.

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Canada Bach Oak Crop 600x380
Difficulties, lack inner strength


Restore Endurance. Positive Potential: To remain strong while understanding your own limits.

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Canada Bach RockRose Crop 600x380
Panic, terror

Rock Rose

Have Courage. Positive Potential: To show courage presence of mind in tricky situations.

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Canada Bach Scleranthus Crop 600x380
Moody, indecisive


Be Decisive. Positive Potential: Certainty & decisiveness.

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Canada Bach Olive Crop 600x380
Tired, lack of energy


Restore Energy. Positive Potential: To let go, allowing revitalization & restoration of mental energy.

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Canada Bach Vine Crop 600x380
Bossy, dominate


Motivate Not Dominate. Positive Potential: Seeing the good in others; guiding & encouraging without controlling.

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Canada Bach Pine Crop 600x380
Guilt, self-reproach


Have Self-Respect. Positive Potential: To accept & respect yourself as you would others.

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Canada Bach WildOat Crop 600x380
Need direction, at a crossroad

Wild Oat

Decide Your Path. Positive Potential: Find confidence to decide your own path.

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Canada Bach WhiteChestnut Crop 600x380
Preoccupied, mind races

White Chestnut

White Chestnut. Positive Potential: Tranquility & peace of mind.

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Canada Bach StarOfBethlehem Crop 600x380
Trauma, shock

Star Of Bethlehem

Neutralize Grief. Positive Potential: Strong in mind & body, learning to accept the inevitable.

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Canada Bach WildRose Crop 600x380
Apathetic, resignation

Wild Rose

Show Enthusiasm. Positive Potential: Enthusiasm & an active interest in the world & people around you.

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Canada Bach SweetChestnut Crop 600x380
Anguish, limit of endurance

Sweet Chestnut

Be Optimistic. Positive Potential: Hopefulness, & finding joy.

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Canada Bach Willow Crop 600x380
Resentment, self-pity


Forgive & Forget. Positive Potential: Forgive & forget past injustices & enjoy life.

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