If you have experience using the Bach® Original Flower Remedies, and want to help others enjoy the potential power of plants, why not consider becoming a Bach® Foundation Registered Practitioner yourself?

The Bach Centre offers a comprehensive education program for individuals who want to use the original flower essences to help others find emotional balance and wellness. Upon successful completion of the required training levels you may apply to become a BFRP and join the dedicated worldwide community of practitioners.

Find out more about training and forthcoming courses on the Bach Centre’s website:

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Bach Centre Education

The program is sponsored by the manufacturer of Bach® Original Flower Remedy brand products, Nelson Bach USA Ltd (Nelsons.net). Once you become a registered practitioner, we will provide as much support as possible to help you get your practice up and running, through our Practitioner Support Program.

Working As A Registered Practitioner

As a Bach® practitioner you join a worldwide team committed to helping people help themselves using Dr. Bach’s wonderful remedies. Successful completion of Levels 1 through 3 and a home-study component allows students to apply to the Bach® Foundation International Registry to become a Bach® Foundation Registered Practitioner or Bach® Foundation Registered Animal Practitioner, and to use the letters BFRP or BFRAP after their name.

All practitioners registered with The Bach Centre promise to work under a Code of Practice. This includes talking about and using the remedies in a simple, straightforward way. All promises reflect Dr. Bach’s ideals of self-help and simplicity. Discover more on The Bach Centre website:

Code of Practice