Find Joy & Hope

Canada Bach CrabApple Crop 600x380
Poor body image, “unclean”

Crab Apple

Accept Imperfections. Positive Potential: Embrace & accept yourself.

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Canada Bach Elm Crop 600x380
Overwhelmed, take on too much


Be Efficient. Positive Potential: Keep perspective & stay self assured when overwhelmed.

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Canada Bach Larch Crop 600x380
Lack confidence, low self-esteem


Have Confidence. Positive Potential: To approach situations with confidence & determination.

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Canada Bach Oak Crop 600x380
Difficulties, lack inner strength


Restore Endurance. Positive Potential: To remain strong while understanding your own limits.

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Canada Bach Pine Crop 600x380
Guilt, self-reproach


Have Self-Respect. Positive Potential: To accept & respect yourself as you would others.

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Canada Bach StarOfBethlehem Crop 600x380
Trauma, shock

Star Of Bethlehem

Neutralize Grief. Positive Potential: Strong in mind & body, learning to accept the inevitable.

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Canada Bach SweetChestnut Crop 600x380
Anguish, limit of endurance

Sweet Chestnut

Be Optimistic. Positive Potential: Hopefulness, & finding joy.

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Canada Bach Willow Crop 600x380
Resentment, self-pity


Forgive & Forget. Positive Potential: Forgive & forget past injustices & enjoy life.

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Bach Flowers and related positive potentials according to the original methods and findings of Dr. Edward Bach, and as referenced in his book Twelve Healers and Other Remedies (Saffron Walden, Essex, England: C.W. Daniel Company, 1936)