Stand Your Ground

Agrimony, Bach Original Flower Remedies in Canada
Hold it in, mask worries


Communicate Openly. Positive Potential: Genuine cheerfulness & self-acceptance.

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Centaury, Bach Original Flower Remedies in Canada
Subservient, weak will


Be Assertive. Positive Potential: Follow your own path, uninfluenced by others.

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Canada Bach Holly Crop 600x380
Angry, jealous


Goodwill Towards Others. Positive Potential: Be generous hearted & give without expecting a return.

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Canada Bach Walnut Crop 600x380
Change, outside influences


Adapt To Change. Positive Potential: Move forward & make changes in life with constancy.

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Bach Flowers and related positive potentials according to the original methods and findings of Dr. Edward Bach, and as referenced in his book Twelve Healers and Other Remedies (Saffron Walden, Essex, England: C.W. Daniel Company, 1936)