In the 1930s Dr. Edward Bach created a system of 38 remedies to cover the entire spectrum of emotional wellness.* Today, we continue his legacy with our Bach® Original Flower Remedies. Learn more about the history of the brand, the products, and gain an understanding of how you can help yourself and others find the right Bach® flower remedies.

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Whether you’re new to Bach® flower remedies or very knowledgeable, you can learn a lot from our videos, recorded live with Denise Eaton, BFRP, BFRAP. Scroll down to watch or jump over to our YouTube channel or Facebook videos.

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About The Host, Denise Eaton, BFRP, BFRAP

“It is my hope that you become more familiar with how you can help yourself and your loved ones return to a natural state of balance with the help of Bach® Original Flower Remedies.”* —Denise Eaton, BFRP, BFRAP

Denise Eaton is the Bach Brand and Education Manager at Nelson Bach USA Ltd. (, and is a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner (BFRP) and Animal Practitioner (BFRAP). Over the past 20+ years with Nelsons, Denise has educated more than 10,000 people across the United States and Canada on the Bach® flower system. Nelsons is the only authorized maker of Bach® Original Flower Remedies.

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