How to take Bach® flower remedies?

Bach® Original Flower Remedies are natural remedies you can take in a variety of ways.

Bach® Original Flower Remedies are natural remedies to support overall wellness.* You may take our remedies in a variety of ways to suit your lifestyle.

Straight from the bottle

Each Bach® remedy is ready to be taken straight from the bottle, simply apply 2 drops directly to your tongue when required.

Mix with a handy drink

Whether it is Chicory or Elm or Pine or Walnut you’re using, you can help find emotional balance by adding 2 drops of your selected remedy or remedies into a glass of spring water.

Sip your mix at intervals throughout the day or until you feel better in yourself. It’s a great way to take your Bach® remedies during a busy day.

Make a personal mix

Bach® flower remedies can be mixed to create your own personal combination for your situation. If you’re not sure about which remedies to blend, there is a tool that can help you choose the right mix for your needs.

In a 30 mL mixing bottle add 2 drops of each of your chosen remedies (up to 7 different remedies). Fill the remainder of the bottle with spring water. Take 4 drops at least 4 times per day.

Your personal mix can last between two and three weeks if you keep it in a cool dry place or store it in the fridge, Alternately, you can add a preservative: before putting the water into your mixing bottle, add 1 teaspoon of brandy or cider vinegar or glycerin. This will help to preserve it.

Do flower remedies work faster if I don’t dilute them?

How to check for genuine Bach® Original Flower Remedies

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What are Bach® flower remedies?

Bach® Original Flower Remedies are a natural, safe way of bringing you peace and balance. First discovered...

Can Bach® remedies be added to water?

Your remedies can be taken directly from the bottle or they can be added to water...

Are the flowers from Dr. Bach’s garden?

Bach® is the only brand that sources flowers and plants from the gardens at Mount Vernon...

How can I be sure I’m buying genuine flower remedies?

When you are purchasing flower essences, always look for the Bach® signature on each bottle, a guarantee of quality...

Why is there alcohol in Bach® Original Flower Remedies?

Dr. Bach used alcohol, namely brandy, to help preserve the remedy so it lasts longer...

Can I take Bach® remedies with other medicines?

Bach® Original Flower Remedies are safe but always check with your healthcare professional...

Can I take Bach® while pregnant or breastfeeding?

Bach® homeopathic flower essence remedies should be okay to while pregnant or breast-feeding; however...

Can I give Bach® flower remedies to my pet?

Bach® Original Flower Remedies have been safely used on pets for decades. Although they are formulated with...

Do flower remedies work faster if I don’t dilute them?

Taking Bach® remedies straight from a stock bottle or diluted in your favorite drink are equally effective...

Do Bach® flower remedies go out of date? How long do they last?

Every Bach® Original Flower Remedies bottle has an expiration date on the label...

How many Bach® remedies can I mix at one time?

Did you know that it is possible to combine remedies together to help improve your emotional balance?

How quickly do Bach® flower remedies work?

We’re all different. Your best friend might see immediate results from the Bach® Original Flower...

What is a Bach® flower remedy?

Bach® Original Flower Remedies is a system of natural medicine for emotional health and balance...

Is there a Bach® flower remedies satisfaction guarantee?

Yes. If you are not satisfied with any genuine Bach® Original Flower Remedies product purchased in the United...

Are Bach® products FSA or HSA eligible?

All Bach® Original Flower Remedies homeopathic products are FSA/HSA eligible. Note: Not all retailers...