Bach Practitioners

Working with Practitioners

Nelsons works closely with Bach practitioners on a day-to-day basis, We look to provide as much support for Bach practitioners as we can – whether they are studying or running their own practice. We even have Bach Foundation Registered Practitioners (BFRPs) as staff members in our Homeopathic Pharmacy and in our offices

Working with Practitioners

If you are new to the world of Bach™ Original Flower Remedies, you may benefit from consulting with a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner to explore the positive potential of the essences.

Using our system of natural based essences, derived from wild flowers, plants and trees using Dr Bach’s original methods, our registered practitioners will help guide you to determine the perfect, personalised combination essence for you.

You can find your local Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner by contacting The Bach Centre (

Becoming a Bach™ Practitioner

If you have experience of using Bach Original Flower Remedies and want to help others enjoy the positive potential of the essences, why not consider becoming a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner yourself?

The Bach Centre offers a comprehensive education programme for individuals who want to use the original flower essences. Help others balance their emotions and fulfil their potential.

And once you become a registered practitioner, we will provide as much support as possible to help you get your practice up and running, through our Practitioner Support Programme.