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7 Signs Of Emotional Wellness

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By The BACH® Team

When it comes to our physical health, we all know when things aren’t running at full speed. We feel those nagging aches and pains, we sneeze when we have a cold, and we notice when we’re a little more out of breath than we should be after rushing up the stairs. And thanks to these signs, we’re able to take action to treat our ailments and improve our physical wellbeing.

But most of us aren’t quite so tuned in to our emotional health. When was the last time you paused to take notice of your emotional wellbeing?

Emotional and physical health are two sides of the same coin, and caring for our emotional wellbeing is vital if we are to live each day with positivity and intention.

So how do you know if you are emotionally healthy?

Here are seven signs of emotional wellness that you may like to consider. It is unusual to show all of them, all the time, so don’t worry if you feel stronger in some areas than others. Use them to guide your own journey towards improved emotional health.

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1. You are comfortable with who you are.

Feeling generally content with life, and liking who you are as a person are signs that your emotional health is in balance. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you are happy all the time, or that there aren’t things you might like to improve upon, but having positive self-talk helps us to feel comfortable being ourselves, whatever the situation. Check out our article on accepting yourself as you are.

2. You are adaptable and resilient.

Being able to recognize and express our emotions is key to moving forward when things don’t go to plan. This self-awareness helps us to manage our emotions, and avoid emotional drama. Emotionally healthy people are open-minded, and don’t feel emotionally attached to a particular way of doing things. They don’t take themselves too seriously, which helps them avoid feeling emotionally overwhelmed. See our article on clearing negative emotions.

3. You have positive relationships with the people in your life.

The social aspect of emotional intelligence is central to emotional wellness. Being able to communicate your own feelings, and empathize with the feelings of others is an important characteristic of emotional health. This isn’t always easy, but having a strong support network to help you through the difficult times is a great sign and source of emotional wellness.

4. You have a sense of purpose.

Do you feel connected to yourself, to other people, and to the wider world? Having a sense of meaning in your life is not only a sign of emotional balance, but helps you appreciate the bigger picture, trust your own decisions, and persevere when things are tough.

5. You take care of your physical health.

Someone who makes the effort to take care of themselves physically, by eating well, exercising, and getting enough sleep, is likely to be someone who enjoys a sense of purpose in their life. (Try something from our home workout plan here.) They’re optimistic, motivated, and focused. Someone who feels emotionally strained is far less likely to be opting in for healthy snacks and smoothies, or enjoying a leisurely walk. As we’ve discussed, emotional and physical health are closely linked, so taking care of one is taking care of the other.

6. You are comfortable saying ‘no.’

If you are able to hold clear boundaries, and say no to things without feeling guilty, then this is a great sign of emotional health. Emotionally healthy people are not weighed down by the opinions of others, or fixated on receiving approval. And of course, they do not feel awkward about asking for help when they need it.

7. You make time to relax.

Emotionally healthy people recognize the need to recharge their batteries, and make time to relax and reflect. Whether it’s meditation, spending time with friends, painting, gardening, playing a musical instrument or caring for a pet, try to find an activity you enjoy that creates a sense of inner peace.

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