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Things to do outdoors to enjoy your holidays/summer in full with Bach

As many of us have tucked away our passports with little hope of using them this summer, the dream of having an exciting holiday might be slipping away. Whilst we might not be able to hop on a plane and explore the world, it’s still just as important to take some time off, relax and let yourself enjoy everything summer has to offer whilst you are at home. Bach has come up with some fun activities and ideas for the perfect family staycation, that’ll have you forgetting all about your old summer plans in no time.

Take a day trip

If you don’t have the time or the budget for a weeklong holiday, why not go somewhere for the day? A daycation if you will - some of our favourite ideas are:

Plan a picnic for the whole family

  • Whilst we applaud those who have a picnic basket, sometimes practicality overrides appearance, so don’t forget a cool bag/box for all your picnic treats
  • Try to locate a spot in the shade, this will help keep your food colder for longer
  • Pack a tablecloth or picnic blanket to sit on, there’s nothing worse than itchy grass on your legs
  • Cutlery - consider packing reusables rather than buying plastic disposables
  • Bring along a pack of cards or some portable games
  • Make sure you pack a bin bag, to make the tidy up quick and easy

Go to the beach

Just because you’re not in a different country doesn’t mean you can’t still have a taste of that beach holiday you were after. For many, a day out to the beach comes at the top of your summer wish list. Sunbathers can sit back relax and get lost in a book, adrenaline-seekers can get their surf boards out and hit the waves and the whole family can partake in games, building sandcastles and just enjoy some quality time together.

Go to a farmers market

We’ve all learnt the huge importance of supporting smaller businesses this year, so why not kill two birds with one stone and visit a farmers market this summer? Attending a Farmers Market is a real day out for the whole family – there’s a plethora of fresh produce on display, and plenty of tasting opportunities.  Farmers Markets give you the opportunity to speak with real farmers and learn more about the food you eat. You can ask them about how their produce was grown or made, where it has come from, and how recently it was picked. A great benefit of shopping at a farmers market is undoubtedly the quality of the service. The producers are not only passionate about their products, but they are also experts in their field. They can offer you information on ingredients, advise on the best way to cook and even suggest some possible recipes.

Go hiking

Hiking is great form of low-impact exercise and unlike walking on a treadmill, can offer spectacular scenic views. Here are some top tips before you set off:

  • Chose a route that is right for your fitness levels
  • Dress for the weather
  • Bring plenty of water
  • Pack light
  • Make sure you’ve worn in your walking shoes

Go fruit picking

Fruit-picking farms are a great way to entertain the whole family. It’s an activity that allows everyone to enjoy the summer weather outside, with the added bonus that you get to go home with all your finds. Depending on what time of the year you go, there are various offerings from apples to gooseberries, rhubarb to blueberries and sweetcorn to courgettes. While strawberries are the most common fruit to pick, you’ll usually find lots of other tasty treats on pick-your-own farms.

Go for a long bike ride

Taking on a super long bike ride can seem like an intimidating task, but there is nothing quite like the exhilaration of propelling yourself along an open country road. Here are some top tips before you set off:

  • Make sure you have a big meal before you leave - load up on those carbohydrates
  • Invest in some good quality shorts to keep you comfortable - you’ll thank us later
  • Pace yourself – no need to start off at 50mph
  • Ride in a pair – cycling can be a great social activity
  • Change positions – remember to reposition yourself throughout the ride
  • If you’re body has had enough – give in

Scavenger hunt

An outdoors scavenger hunt can be the perfect way to keep the entire family entertained without having to buy anything. Write a list of clues or items that you’ll need to find around the garden or in your local park. The harder you make the clues, the longer the hunt will take. Then, simply send the kids (and yourself) on the hunt to find those random things.


Camping is all about the atmosphere, so if you’re not able to go away, bring the essence of camping to your house. Whether you own a tent or not, you can easily recreate a camping experience indoors. If you don’t have one, build a fort using sheets and blankets, chairs or other bits of furniture. If you’ve got a garden and the weather is okay, bring all of these ideas outside!

  • Put up your tent or fort and lay out the sleeping bags.
  • Hide some stuffed toys around the room or garden to send the kids on a safari.
  • Add a little bit of reality by turning out the lights and using torches instead.
  • Hang some fairy lights across the room to replicate the night sky.
  • Eat a camp-side dessert, made up of s’mores and roasted marshmallows.
  • Put some outdoor animal sounds in the background on your phone.
  • Set up your laptop and snuggle down for a movie night
  • Watch the sunset together
  • Snuggle up and stargaze