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How to structure your day when working from home

Many of our lives have changed. Things are different and sometimes difficult. And it can be overwhelming to deal with the changes while staying on top of a new working from home routine. Some days are definitively easier than others, but it’s important to know that many of us feel the like this. So, we’d like to help you take the pressure off, accept the way you feel and take one day at a time. You might not find your groove some days, and that is fine. We’re here to help.

Below, we have written out a daily structure that we –the Bach team–are trying to use to structure our days while we work from home, and we hope it might help you out too. Feel free to change it depending on what is realistic for you. It’s all about working smarter, not harder, and being kind to yourself as much as possible.


7am | Wake up: set your alarm at the same time for weekdays. This will give you the structure you have always been used to.

7:30am | Exercise the mind or body: 20 –30 minutes of meditation, yoga or Hiit/cardio exercise can get you in the zone to start your day with positivity and energy.

8am | Get ready: The only rule we have at Bach WFH HQ is that comfort is king. But we do recommend getting out of pyjamas to start the day fresh and ready.

8:30am | Eat breakfast: breakfast is big in the Bach world. We know that your cupboard and fridges might be a little more limited than usual, but the internet has loads of great inspiration and ideas.

8:45am | Write your daily to do list: choose two or three tasks you need to prioritise for work and add 2 or three personal tasks. And try to make a few of the personal ones fun (we’ve been enjoying making ‘dance around the living room’ one of our daily tasks)!

9am | Work: make sure you have a comfortable and well-lit area to work in. If possible, choose a seat that maintains your posture; if you don’t have a supportive seat, buy a cheap exercise ball to sit on.

10:30am | Take a 10 -15-minute break: standing up, making a cup of tea, looking out the window for just 10-15 minutes will help you maintain your concentration throughout the day.

10:45am | Work


12pm | Take a 10 -15 minute break

12:15pm | Work

1pm | 1-hour lunch break: get away from your desk, cook yourself a healthy lunch, take a walk and tick off one of your personal points on your to-do list. This is your opportunity to change your setting and have a bit of “me time”.

2pm | Work

3:30pm | Take a 10 -15-minute break

3:45pm | Work

5:30pm | Finish for the day: make sure you finish on time while you’re working from home. Close your laptop, tidy your work area and move away.


Put your to-do list away in the evening and forget about the time. This is your time to listen to your mind and body; do what feels good. A few things that we’re enjoying at the moment are:

  • Meditating, yoga and/or exercise
  • Enjoying more time to cook a delicious dinner
  • Watching the shows that we have never had time for before
  • Reading the books that we’ve been hoarding for years but never got around toA warm bath with a drink of your choice (ours are G&Ts, lemon tea and wine)
  • Go to sleep at a similar time each day

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