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Celebrate Your Way This New Year

If you’re fed up of the traditional New Year Resolutions, it’s important to know it’s not you -it’s them! Creating goals for the months ahead that feel right and that excite you is the key to success. Get inspired with these top fitness, wellbeing and travel social media influencers who are doing things their way. 

Blogilates–Fitness influencer

Cassey Ho is an award-winning fitness instructor who launched Blogilates back in 2009 as a  way  toshare  videos  via  YouTube  with  her  pilates  students.  Fast  forward  to  now  and Blogilates  is  the  number  one  female  fitness  channel  on  YouTube  where  it  has  4.72m followers –Blogilates is also incredibly popular on Instagram, where it has a global reach of 1.5 million followers. Cassey’s focus on making fitness fun (and colourful –she  loves  to share  emojis  following  tough  sections  of  her  workouts!)  has  led  to  millions  of  people achieving  their  strength,  flexibility  and  weight  loss  goals.  Her  unique  format  POP Pilates started as a  workout video and has now become a live fitness class that can be taken at gyms all over the world via 3,000 classes that are taught monthly. 

CookinWithMima–Cooking influencer

Mariam Ezzeddine is the talented lady behind CookinWithMima who taught herself how to cook so she could taste again those much-loved flavours that were created by her mother, aunt  and  grandmother  when  she  was  growing  up.  She  prides  herself  on  creating  easy, delicious healthy eating recipes and has amassed an Instagram following of 2.3 million. The uniqueness  of  her  recipes  enables  people  from  different  cultures  to  be  able  to  cook  and prepare for themselves that one recipe that they really liked when they were back at home. She recognises that not all of us have been taught how to cook and it’s this that motivates Mariam to help as many people as possible to learn to cook with confidence.  

Zach King–‘Digital magician’

Zach is a social media sensation –he’s a filmmaker that’s amassed an eye-watering 21.3 million Instagram following. Zach and his videos are also infamous on YouTube, where he has 4.3m subscribers. Zach’s best known for his short, clever videos that are digitally edited to look as if he’s doing magic. His aim is to add a little more magic to our day and he’s certainly achieving that. The ‘digital magician’ as he is known on YouTube started creating videos for his family from the age of 7 when his parents first handed him a video camera. One of his most ambitious videos, Jedi Kittens, was viewed over a million times in less than 24 hours. Check him out!

The Bucket List Family–Travel influencers

Family Gee are well-known around the world since they sold everything, upped and left their home and set off to travel to pastures new. In 2015, before they took off, the family created a  short  bucket  list –they  wanted  to  swim  with  whales  and  live  like  locals  in  a  number of different countries. The Bucket List Family was born as a result and their list of what they want  to  do  continues  to  grow.  This  enormously  likeable  US  family  have  1.9m  captivated Instagram followers and 856,000 YouTube subscribers. They don’t feel there has to be a bucket  list  at  all,  however –the  secret  they  tell  us  is  to  live  your  life  with  purpose  and recognise  that  there  are  unique  experiences  waiting  to  be  had  each  and  every  day.  We couldn’t agree more.

Murad Osmann–Travel influencer

Best known for his highly recognisable #followmetoproject where his wife Nataly Zakharova leads him by the hand around the world, Murad is a Forbes top travel influencer. The couple went viral by accident after Murad posted an Instagram shot of then-girlfriend Nataly leading him  by  the  hand  through  the  streets  of  Barcelona  in  2011.  Murad  now  has  4.1  million Instagram followers and the #followmeto images he creates have been exhibited in Times Square and Art Basel. He says every photo has a story and a lot of research goes into each one. It’s a passion project for the couple that will continue to inspire and encourage more people to travel. 

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