From the makers of RESCUE®, the UK's no.1 emotional wellbeing brand*, discover Bach™ Original Flower Remedies

RESCUE Remedy® is specially blended from five individual flower essences known as the Bach™ Original Flower Remedies, a range of 38 individual Flower Essences. Each flower essence relates to a specific emotion or feeling. You can take the essences individually or in combination for however you feel.

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Stay on top of your day with RESCUE Remedy® & Bach™ Original Flower Remedies by your side

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You can take RESCUE Remedy® alongside any of the 38 Bach Flower essences, so whatever the day throws at you, a challenging agenda at work, school exams, or balancing the demands of a busy family life, keep on top of things and get the most out of your busy day with RESCUE Remedy® and Bach™ Original Flower Remedies by your side.

Choose the Bach essence for you

Discover our Bach™ fan favourites

Aspen Bach™ Original Flower Remedy

For the positive potential of reassurance

Be Reassured

Are you feeling on edge, but not sure why?

Discover Aspen Flower Essence for the positive potential of reassurance. Be settled and reassured when faced with feelings of unease. 


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Larch Bach™ Original Flower Remedy

For the positive potential of confidence

Have confidence

Lacking confidence in your abilities? Having a moment of self-doubt?

Discover Larch Flower Essence for the positive potential of confidence - Find confidence and determination within when faced with different challenges and situations.

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White Chestnut Bach™ Flower Remedy

For the positive potential of tranquillity

Stay Tranquil

Struggling to switch off? Lying awake at night with repetitive thoughts running through your mind?

Discover White Chestnut Flower Essence for the positive potential of Tranquillity. Let go of those unwanted thoughts, relax and find a moment of tranquillity.

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Mimulus Bach™ Original Flower Remedy

For the positive potential of courage

Face your fears

Feeling worried about something specific? 

Discover Mimulus Flower Essence for the positive potential of courage. Seize the day and face your fears with courage.

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The story of Bach Original Flower Remedies

Used for generations since the 1930s

Bach™ Original Flower Essences were discovered by Edward Bach in the 1930s, designed to promote emotional wellbeing, with each of the 38 essences relating to a specific emotion or feeling you may experience from time to time. To this day, Bach™ Original Flower Remedies are still made using hand picked flowers from many of Edward Bach's original gardens where he lived and worked in Oxfordshire.

Our story

How to use Bach™ Original Flower Remedies

Using a single essence

  • Put 2 drops into a drink of your choice and sip regularly.
  • Alternatively, you may place two drops of undiluted essence under your tongue and repeat as necessary.

Using multiple essences:

  • Add 2 drops of each essence (up to a maximum of 7 essences) into a mixing bottle with some water. Take 4 drops, 4 times a day.
  • Did you know you can also add RESCUE Remedy® as one of your seven essences. Simply add 4 drops instead of two to your mixing bottle.
Using the Bach essences
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Where to buy Bach™ Original Flower Remedies

Bach Original Flower Remedies are available online and in-store

*IRI Value sales, 52 weeks to w/e 19th February 2022.